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Each of our packages come loaded
with features that make you money.

Affordable, easy-to-manage, powerful, beautiful, guaranteed!

Beautiful Design

Talented designers lovingly handcraft each website with your goal in mind – no templates or “design for design’s sake.” You even have multiple design revisions included in most packages. And we’re so sure you’ll love the design, we guarantee “It’s Beautiful!”

Content, Managed by You

Our highly sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) means that you are in control of your site … not only during the development process, but going forward as well. When the project is over, we show you how to edit your site, and you can easily edit copy, add or remove pages, add photos, update your blog, make forms, and much, much more!

iPhone App

Got an iPhone? Download the free iPhone App, and you can see your site’s statistics and write blog posts, right from your phone!

More Pages per Package

Our plans include a generous amount of pages already laid out and completed for you, up to 25 included on our Ultimate package … plus, you can add your own easily at any time.

Stock Photos

All of our packages include FREE high-quality, beautiful stock photography images – up to 10 images - and several hours of research time to find them. Don’t have great photos? Now you do! Want to save some money on a custom photo shoot? You can use stock!

Copy … Written for You

Our professional copywriter will spend up to 10 hours writing brilliant text for your site (Ultimate Package), likely leading to more visitors, a more professional appearance, and the possibility of much more business. The Business Class package even includes 2-3 hours of copywriting, helping to get your company’s overall message clearly and consistently throughout the site.

Not Just the Grammar Police

Our professional editor not only checks your site for basic grammar and spelling issues, but looks at the site from a search engine optimization perspective. We look at your desired search terms and craft the text to help your site be even more search engine friendly.

See Your Results

Statistics are incredibly important to knowing what works, and what doesn’t, in your marketing efforts. You’ll have a full, detailed view of your statistics — with a live snapshot even visible on your iPhone! — as frequently as you want, from a convenient, visually beautiful control panel. Statistics aren’t difficult anymore.

Web Address, Included

Don’t have your domain name yet? Need a few more? Want to protect the one you have by getting others around it? Don’t worry … we’ll purchase from 1 to 5 domain names in your name as part of the process. It’s just like having more streetfront space for your store!

The Host with The Most

We include the first 3 months of hosting your website free. Up to 300 gigabytes a month of traffic to your site is included in the monthly hosting plan, as well as up to 4 gigabytes of storage space, all hosted on a cloud of reliable, robust servers. More power, less cost.

Professional Email Accounts

Tired of that AOL or yahoo ending to your email? We include setting up from 1 to 10 email accounts for you, and then show you how to add as many as you’d like! Finally … corporate email that you can access from anywhere, with spam filtering and it’s own full set of features.


Custom Site Structure

Some sites only allow your information to be laid out in a certain way. But one of the first steps in a website from The 28 Page Agency is that we learn what you need, then draft a custom site map (Business Class & Ultimate packages) to make sure that your information is the most accessible to your audience it can be. A custom site map is like a blueprint from an architect … why should you go with a stock building that’s the same as everyone else’s, when you can have us make a custom “blueprint” for you, included?

Blogs Work

Blogging brings new traffic to your site, interests your audience, makes the search engines happy, and ultimately gets you new business. Thus, each website we create offers you the option for a free blog setup. Not only do we set it up, but in some packages we even draft the first 1 to 5 entries for you! Blog already? Then we’ll convert your old blog over (up to last 10 previous posts).

Questions? Ask Away!

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature is one of the best ways to allow your customers to answer their own questions. They will feel better being able to get their own information, and you should have reduced customer service costs. Not only do we set the FAQ up (Bus. Class and above), but we even write the first 5 to 20 entries for you!

Receive Files … The Easy Way.

Do you ever need to receive large digital files from your customers? Send them to your drop box page (included!), and they can simply upload the files to your website, for you to get when it’s convenient for you. Large emails often won’t go through — but your drop box can handle files of any reasonable size.

Deliver Common Files

For common downloads, your viewers can be directed to a page where they can get all the files they need. Want to post your credit application? Go ahead. How about the Sales Tax paperwork? Post it on the downloads page … and stop dealing with the headaches of sending forms when your customers can get them themselves.

It’s Easy to Get in Contact

With email and custom contact forms, you can easily decide what information you want to collect from your website visitors when they want to contact you. Want their address? Easy. Their phone number? Easy. Just an email. Done. Collect information, effortlessly, with custom contact forms.

Data Takes Form

Would you make more money if your clients could submit quote requests online? Would you love to have data collection forms of one sort or another to make your job easier? Custom-designed forms are included in the Business and Ultimate Packages, and with your CMS, you can even make your own later, easily, whenever you want.

Photos, Now Playing

With a sophisticated photo gallery module included, you can feature virtually any number of images on your site, with labeling, tags, slideshows (or not), and more. Show off … it’s good for business!

Links Doesn’t Mean Golf

No, unfortunately you don’t get golf with your website … but you do get a page full of outbound links. You’re in control, and can easily have them open in new windows or link directly to anywhere on the internet. You can also use this page to trade links with other businesses to get your Google rankings even higher.

Searches Made Easy

With an integrated search function, it’s easy for your visitors to find.

Information Feeds

RSS Feeds are the way that website information can be pushed out automatically to readers who subscribe. Your 28 Page Agency site will contain a page for people to subscribe to your RSS Feeds, ensuring that your timely information gets out in a timely manner.

Back It Up, Back It Up

It’s not a matter of if a hard drive is going to fail … it’s when. So our system insures regular backups of your web site, and you can even initiate them and save them yourself. In addition, we archive your source files for at least one year.

Top of Google

What’s the easiest way to show up at the top of Google’s search page? Via AdWords, their online advertising program. Our Ultimate package includes AdWords setup, which has made us and our clients millions in revenue.

Optimized for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making sure that your website is setup the best it can so that you can be found by new potential customers. Our sites — built from the ground-up to be search engine friendly — are further enhanced by the proper copy. And in the Ultimate plan, a 3 month intensive promotional SEO program, will likely shoot you to the front page of the major search engines. With dozens of activities like promoting your blog to submitting you to all the search engines to analyzing your competitor’s keywords, and many more, you’ll be found, bringing new customers right to your doorstep.

Flash Me

Animated headers and introductions attract attention and set you apart from your competition. Included in the Ultimate package is an Adobe Flash header (or introduction) to spice up the site and excite your viewers.


Optionally, we can integrate eCommerce right into your new website. And with our easy-to-develop and easy-to-maintain philosophy, you won’t get mired into the details, you’ll just be able to sell your product … easily, online.

Browser Checks

Different browsers can see websites in different ways. On our Business and Ultimate packages, we do cross-browser checks to make sure your website looks great on all the major web browsers.

They Can’t Compete

If you don’t know what your competitor is doing, how can you know that you’re doing it better? With our 1-page competitor analysis, we can take the best ideas from their sites, the best ideas that you’ve presented, the best ideas of our team of copywriters, designers, editors, and art directors, and develop a site that beats them where it counts.

It’s Easy

With several hours of training included in each site if necessary, as well as online documentation, you won’t have any questions on how to manage your site. (And if you do, please call, we answer the phone and are ready to help.)

Follow Ups for Success

To ensure your success, we call you at the beginning of the month for 3 to 6 months to make sure you’re logging in, checking your statistics, reviewing comments, blogging, and generally making your site a success (Business and Ultimate package). We’ll also answer any questions that you have and get you trained in any areas that you need help with. We want you to succeed, and we’re willing to do what it takes to get you there.

Stable and Secure

We will at no charge fix any technical problems for up to one year from site launch. Your site will work great, or we’ll do whatever we can to get it working great again.

3, 2, 1, Launch!

With at least 40 categories of features, you might think your site will take ages to launch. Amazingly, we can create many sites in 30 to 45 days! Of course, every site is different, but our 70 point process assures a consistently amazing custom website in a quick timeframe.

It’s Beautiful! … Guaranteed!

With our “It’s Beautiful!” guarantee, you can rest assured that your site will meet your visual needs. We guarantee that you’ll say “It’s Beautiful!,” or we’ll work with you until the site is beautiful, or refund your deposit. Rest easy … and know that your site will not only work for you on dozens of different financial and functional levels, but it will also be beautiful.


Tip of the Iceberg

What you see on a site from The 28 Page Agency is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many other features not listed. But there’s one bottom line fact that’s obvious: Our guaranteed beautiful sites are the highest value, no-risk, completely custom websites available. Period.

Free Website Analysis

If you have a website - or an idea - contact us for a free custom report

The bottom line for a website is that it needs to meet your goals: whether that’s to generate profit, enhance your image, or to get exposure for your cause. And our goal is not to put up a useless template with your name on it (“too small”); nor is our goal to spend vast sums of your money writing code that’s already available (“too large”). We’re creating “just right” sized websites, websites that don’t cost a fortune yet upgrade your image, get you new viewers, and meet your goals. Contact us today for a FREE REPORT on how your existing website can make you more money; or how a website can help your business that’s currently lacking a website.


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