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The 28 Page Agency Testimonials

Here, in our client’s words, is “the buzz” on The 28 Page Agency, its art director Jason Niedle, and The Calendar Factory.  The names have been hidden for privacy concerns, but if you would like more in-depth information on each please contact us and we would be happy to send it to you. Thanks!

“{Jason} consistently demonstrated an uncompromising dedication to artistic quality - while just as consistently meeting the tightest of deadlines. Indeed, Jason has proved himself a consummate professional, and a craftsman who habitually insists on nothing less than the highest standards of creative design and integrity of design.

In all, he worked on 18 hardback and 9 paperback books to bring interior designs to levels far and above industry norms. He further oversaw and directed interior illustrations, and ensured design consistency and aesthetic impact of promotional publications.

The net result… is now available for the enrichment of millions—this Jason significantly helped to achieve, and so earned our unqualified respect.”

— DM, Chairman of the Board, major international organization


“Hats off to Jason Niedle and The 28 Page Agency for such a fantastic job designing our coffee table book, Writers of the Future: The First 25 Years, which I edited. Of all the books I’ve published, this one is by far the most impressive, and the International Book Award committee agrees, awarding it first place in its category for 2011. Excellent work.”

— Kevin J Anderson, international bestselling author of Star Wars, Dune, X-Files, and other novels


“I entrusted Jason and his team with the most important item for my wife’s 50th Birthday celebrations. I decided that it would be wonderful to give her a book on the day and that it should have hundreds of photos as well as letters from many people who have known her over the years. The logistics of the whole thing were daunting as we had very little time, had to get and edit all the images and also had to gather up over one hundred letters from around the world… plus design every aspect of it. Not only did Jason get it done, he created a masterpiece that was also on-time and within budget. At the last minute, I also asked for an iPad version and that was also delivered and was equally stunning. You cannot go wrong with these guys and I will be using them again and again. They are the best!”

— Jonathan Klein, Founder and CEO, Getty Images


“Jason & 28 page Agency,
You have made my life so easy, you and your team are so talented, skilled, and filled with unparalleled solutions! You created my website and as our company has grown, shifted and added and refined our message you have helped us keep our best foot forward. You have an unbelievable skill for working with professionals in the creative fields and honing in on what we wanted to acheive. Allowing our website to be ever changing has been key! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Sarah Strader, Sarah Strader Design


In particular, and in short, I have found him to be responsible, competent, and reliable, always. I am thus personally, and wholeheartedly, recommending him to any and all who seek his services, and he has my deepest appreciation…

“The Calendar Factory creates the most professional calendar products I’ve seen produced. The prices are affordable and a great value for the cost. Jason and his employees are very professional, personable to work with, and deliver the product by the deadline. Jason takes photos, sharpens the image through design techniques, and produces a cutting edge product you’re proud to give your customers.”

Year first hired: 2004. Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative.

— AEB, Major Logistic Company (2009)


“Inspiring and Amazing! I was truly impressed with the beauty of your color work, the adjustments in color, the balancing of tones. In some cases, they surpassed the actual paintings.”

— PF, Publisher



“Just wanted to thank you for doing another beautiful job with our calendars! People are already raving about them…

It was great working with you, as always. Thanks for making this project – which is so very important to us – possible and a pleasure.”

— ML, not-for-profit (2009)


“I sure do love working with you folks.”

— TF, retail calendars (2009)


“I don’t know if I had the chance to mention it, but the calendar is fantastic! Thank you for your excellent service!”

— GT, major artist representative (2009)


“We are getting wonderful comments about our calendar and think it truly is the best yet!! (Do we say that every year??) … Thanks again….let everyone know how pleased we are and how much this means to everyone here…”

— DE, major university (2009)


First of all WOW that is upsettingly discounted!! Secondly, I know I said this before, but the brochure looks amazing! We couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for everything, your professionalism and skill made this project a breeze (on our side). Thanks for coming to the rescue!!

— DC, technology company


”{They} look fabulous!!! We have sent out the initial 150 and have already gotten 2 phone calls. We are currently working on the 730 balance and will have them out this week.

{Also,} The banners look great… fabulous design!!!

— JW, caterer


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! THANK YOU SO MUCH JASON! You are just THE BEST ever!”

— AP, global clothing manufacturer


Kudos to you and your team. Without you, we would not be a success again. Thanks again and we will be in touch soon.

— MM, calendar publisher


You guys did a great job!

— RG, Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 global logistics company


I’ve gotten such wonderful comments about the calendar! I love it!

— ML at global non-profit


It’s late, but our Tabora 2009 calendar project is on. It’s been a scramble these past few weeks, but we found a company in California, appropriately named The Calendar Factory, that is helping us greatly with the project.

Many people don’t know this, but your humble webmaster for also happens to be the one who’s been putting Tabora calendars together for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, it’s not the only thing I do. I happen to wear many hats (too many it seems, lately) for the company. To make a long story short, our calendar project suffered much delays, as well as the loss of our broker, who was forced to retire for medical reasons, and budget uncertainty, given this years economic trials.

But, to paraphrase the boss: The show must go on! And it’s to great thanks to the expertise of the people (especially Jason!) of The Calendar Factory.”

— from blog update at (internationally known painter)


I did want to let you know that we have received the calendars and they look FANTASTIC! Given the high quality of last year’s calendar, I am not surprised at how great they turned out, but I just wanted to send an extra special thanks for all the effort you and your team put into making our calendar look great and for being so responsive to our deadlines. It is always a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you again!

— DB, national insurance company


Need more?

This is just a sample of the many, many positive comments we’ve received over the years. There are more to come, or feel free to contact us at 1.866.365.1800 and ask for a live, human referral.