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Creative OfferingTM is solving the problem of “I’d like to contribute more than just money” by connecting people willing to offer their services to the socially-beneficial organizations that need them. We differentiate ourselves by delivering “win/win/win” results, assuring that the organization, the recipient, and the offeror each benefit from the connection. This new non-profit website is intended to change the way the world gives. Users can offer a service, talent, even products to the world; non-profits can apply and you, the user, can select which non-profit you want your offering to go to. In return, you’ll receive new connections to possible clients, new testimonials, new materials for your portfolio, and many public relations opportunities.


There will even be competitions and contests to determine who the highest “givers” are. Not only will you know you’re helping a ton of people, you’ll be able to prove it, increasing your credibility and your business. It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN for everyone involved: The givers get to feel good and receive a number of other great benefits; the non-profits receive valuable services virtually for free; and in the end, more people in the world get helped.


An idea whose time has come, will launch in April 2010. In order to be added to the interest list (and to be on the Beta testing list to be amongst the first), please contact the site administrator.


Some potential ideas for Offerings are:


  • A photographer Creatively Offers portrait services to families dealing with cancer
  • A singer Creatively Offers to write and sing a song for a non-profit that helps children
  • A hotelier Creatively Offers free rooms to people in town for medical treatment
  • A local college student Creatively Offers to read to children at the library
  • A graphic designer Creatively Offers to make a logo for a charity supporting diabetes research
  • A celebrity Creatively Offers a spot on their TV show for the charity that best shows they can use that to make a major difference in the world
  • A manufacturer of plastics Creatively Offers those plastics to disaster relief agencies so they can use them for temporary shelter
  • What would you want to offer to help the world? 

Add us on Facebook and let us know! We look forward to changing the way the world gives with you!


 Creative Offering design mockup screen shot


Creative Offering’s technology is being developed by The 28 Page Agency