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What’s the process and how long does it take?

We don’t officially begin a project until we’ve received a signed bid — feel free to contact us and get one if you don’t already have one.

From your signed bid, things can happen one of two ways: you can supply a press-ready PDF file to us, or we can layout and design your calendar for you. If we are doing the designing, we will send you a “getting started” package requesting your photos, what custom dates you want listed, your logo, the name of your calendar, and the other calendar “basics.” Then we’ll send you a design proof and several layout proofs. Plan on about 2 to 3 weeks to do this process properly — although it can be expedited as necessary. Once you’ve approved the art, then we will make a proof as noted in the paragraph below.


If you are supplying a press-ready PDF, then we take your supplied file and make a hardcopy proof. This proof takes about 2 days. Once it’s complete, we’ll send the proof to you. You can approve it and get it back to us, or you can supply a new file and we can restart the proofing process. (It’s a $50 minimum per round of proofs — significantly more for calendars over 1000 qty — to cover the time it takes us to imposition the file, to print it, collate, fold, stitch, proof, and send it back to you.)


Here again there are two different routes: calendars under 1000 units, and calendars 1000 units and above.


For calendars under 1000 quantity, once we’ve received the approved proof back it takes 7 to 10 working days for us to print your calendars. This process includes printing the various internal pages and cover, laminating the cover, collating the pages, folding them, stapling (which we call “stitching”) them together, drilling them, quality control, boxing, and preparing them for shipping.


For calendars with quantities 1000 and above, the process is relatively simple, but they actually run faster — about 5 working days from the receipt of your approved proof.


Allow 1 week for ground shipping to most locations, and you have your calendars!


To summarize, if you are doing the art, ideally allow about 4 weeks total for proofing, print production, and shipping. If WE are doing the art, allow 6 to 8 weeks ideally.


If you have a deadline, please contact us directly and we’ll see what can be done in order to meet it.


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