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Do you do Page-A-Day Calendars? 365-day calendars?


Page-a-day calendars (a trademark, actually) are generically known as 365-day cube calendars.


Unfortunately, those calendars are so prohibitively expensive that we have stopped producing them. They are somewhat complicated to produce, and so we can’t do them in-house. We had found that there were only 4 to 6 direct producers in the United States, and they started at about $15,000 for a custom calendar in full-color. We had found some overseas producers, but the lead time was about 6 months, and they were still fairly expensive (more in the $4k range, not counting art nor sea freight).


So unfortunately we don’t offer them, nor do we have a good referral source. There may be some people who have a pre-printed 365-day (“page-a-day”) style calendar that you could contact and see if they would do an imprint of your data on their calendar, but we don’t have contacts there. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our other lines. Thank you!

Last updated on October 12, 2010 by The 28 Page Agency