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Cost: How much do calendars cost?

How much does it cost for calendars?” might be the most common question we get.


We offer far more than just the printing of calendars: our price includes our experience in designing and helping market 400+ calendars, generally includes fully custom design, and includes a single-minded focus to deliver you a calendar which is effective for your needs.


Pricing is dependent upon several factors, particularly the size and quantity — but also the time of year you order, if you add any extra sheets or shrinkwrapping, if your design is exceedingly complex, and (in lower quantities) design is an add-on option. But we can give you some general ranges for budgeting. (Please contact us for exact pricing — we can get you a quote within one working day, if not immediately.)


We offer two size calendars, one which is 11 x 17 inches that folds to 11 x 8.5 inches. This is perfect if it’s going to be mailed, for fundraisers, and for lower quantities. For quantities under 1,000, the calendar is printed digitally. At 1,000 and over, the calendars are printed offset lithography. The 11 x 17 calendar is saddle-stitched (stapled) in the middle, and is 28-pages total, with a heavier outside cover and lighter interior pages. These calendars are full-color with bleeds, and quantities 1,000 and over are aqueous coated. The minimum quantity is 100 calendars (digital), or 1,000 calendars (offset).


  • 100 calendars, design not included, high-quality digital printing, start at $7.97/each. To add in a completely custom design package is $295 additional.
  • 500 calendars, design not included, high-quality digital printing, start at $4.42/each. To add in a completely custom design package is $295 additional.
  • 1,000 calendars, full custom design included (12+ hours of art from our experienced calendar experts), marketing package included, printed offset lithography, start at $4.41/each.
  • At 2,500, this all inclusive package drops in price to start at $2.11/each.
  • At 10,000 you’re under $0.99/each, all inclusive (except freight, usually about $0.15/each).

Our larger calendars are 12 x 24 inches open, folding to 12 x 12. These are the common size that you would see at a large retail store. They’re perfect for retail uses and higher quantities. We don’t print them under 1,000 units, and we suggest that you start at 2,500 units. These calendars are printed on 100# gloss or matte book for the interiors, with a premium 100# gloss or matte cover stock for the cover. They are also full-color with bleeds and an aqueous coating. Pricing, all-inclusive with our amazing design and marketing services included, start at $5.85/each for 1,000, drops to $2.85/each at 2,500, and heads down to under $1.40/each in the 10,000 range.


We offer much more than the standard printer — we offer a limited range of products that we know intimately about. We can tell you how to make your calendar successful, and what will make a calendar fail. We have seen just about every calendar idea, and will give you honest feedback and advice on how to make it work. We’ll also create a design that truly suits your purpose — the beauty of it will be more than skin deep.


Please contact us for a formal quote on your project.



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