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Can I have exact color?


Asking if you can have “exact” color is always a bit of a tricky question. What does “exact” mean, that it matches your monitor? Your printer at home? Or some color profile that may or may not be 100% calibrated to anything relevant? Furthermore, color varies by what color and type of light you are viewing it on, and what kind of paper your print has happened to be printed upon. Thus, color can be a slippery, subjective topic.


We do, though, have a relatively simple way to handle this issue. Before we print anything, we send you a color proof. For digital calendars (quantities under 1000), we send you an actual printout from our press, folded and cut to size. Once you’ve approved this and returned it to us, we use it as a guideline to make sure that your final color matches what you have seen. Note that on digital calendars, though, we don’t do “press proofs” nor micro-adjustments to the colors. On digital calendars the color variance can be +/- 3% per color (C, M, Y, or black). However, we do our best to keep to the colors on the proof that you’ve returned to us.


On sheetfed calendars (1000 quantities and up), we send you a set of digitally-created color-accurate proofs. Again, once you have approved those and returned them to us, we use them as a reference for final color. The color on our sheetfed products is very precise, and has been very well received over the years.


Feel free to contact us if this doesn’t answer your specific question.

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